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How To  Make Powerful Demos, Presentation And Tutorials With Just A Smartphone, Your Mac & Affordable Tools.

30+-Part Video Course Including Practical Examples

How to Create Amazing Marketing Videos With A $100 Budget

Discover how to make powerful demon, presentation and tutorials with just a smartphone, your Mac & affordable tools.

What Will You Learn?

checkBlue1775B2 Over 24 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!

checkBlue1775B2 Discover how simple tools, used in creative ways, can produce incredible results

checkBlue1775B2 Understand basic concepts and facts about audio & video

checkBlue1775B2 Discover how easy it is to make professional videos on a shoestring budget

checkBlue1775B2 Master simple editing software like i Movie and make simple but compelling videos

checkBlue1775B2 Build your confidence in speaking, explaining and engaging in front of a camera


 checkBlue1775B2 I am not a qualified video or audio professional. Everything I teach is based on my       own techniques and methods

checkBlue1775B2 I use iMovie as the main example in most videos. It only works on Macs and will cost $14.99

checkBlue1775B2 If you cannot work with iMovie, you can use Camtasia Studio which works on Macs and PCs

Course Description

I want to help you create product demos, viral marketing campaigns, screen capture tutorials, teaser clips, sales videos, investor pitches, and so much more.

Who Is This Course For?

* Small business owners who want to demo their products in an engaging way

* Marketers who want to make more sales and double their ROI with video

* Marketing execs who want a simple way to create viral videos to promote the company’s brand

* Internet marketers who want to create screen-casts and sell them for a profit



Videos For Profit – Video Course 30+ Video Lessons More Than 4 HOURS of Content! VALUE: $297


Videos For Profit – PDF Companion Guide eBook version of the video course VALUE: $97





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