Daily Prompt: Fact



The fact of the matter is I’m a newcomer in this big blogging world. Like a new employee starting a new job and have no idea were to begin.  I feel a little apprehensive about writing a blog for the first time in my life, but it’s funny how I love writing for college and more nervous writing for the world. I thought I would state the obvious I’m a new blogger, but not new to writing APA style.

I would like to use my blog platform to inform the world about resources and PR products. I’m a giver at heart, so I will give away free PR products and help individuals to make a profit, so in my, Oprah voice “you get a free PR products and you get a free PR products. I thought giving free products was a great incentive to motivate my readers to keep coming back and empowering my readers how to make an income.

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